Wednesday, July 11, 2007


NoTe: Before you read this.-If you arnt in to argue-ing in religion disbeliefs, please do not read any further.This is what i think.Your view might be different.
In some peoples view certain things are prohibited in the religion.And they strictly obeys and believes in it.It sounds like a good thing.It is good.But let me give you an example of what i am talking about.A girl and a Boy is having sex. And they arn't married.This girl wears her veil even when they had sex.And the boy is kind of confused and asks her "why do you never remove your veil?" And the girl gives the guy a surprised look and says."WHAT? don't you know? its prohibited in the religion to remove the veil in front of a guy accept for family and husband." thats just one story.and that is real.

[got one more story.but it is a lil dirty so i am not postin it here]

My question is Why believe in half of it?sum say " ehbai rangalhu kurevigenun aneh bai rangalhu kureveynee" rangalhu vaahaka eh.ekamaku dhera vanee "anebai" rangalhu nukureveythee.So wat do u think?