Thursday, July 05, 2007

A lil Change

Everyone likes a change rite? well, most of the people does like changes every now and then.but not that every change is a good change. wel as u can clearly see [if u had visited my blog before that is] that the blog has got a completely different look.andddddd i dun like it at all. anyways dhiraagu is to be blamed..::Sud blame sumone rite::.. cx it wudnt allow me to upload the latest template i made.and i keep on loosin the conection wen eva i try to upload it.anyways i managed to upload this template.but is it gud? oh hey btw.u that picture up there? thats me and "you"[the "you" is still unknown.cant wait to meet you.lookin straight to my] ok back to the i just got bored of the old template and after like five hours of work i finaly managed to make a BIG change to my is suposed to be veiwed in mozila.and dun worry, it wil keep on changing from today onwards. so everyone c ya in da blogworld.take care.bye for now