Sunday, May 25, 2008


You walk in the room full of people. They all look at you with a confused/surprised look. What would your reactions be like? Something like "What??!"" ?? Probably something like that right? But my question is, how am I supposed to know what they wanted of me as I entered the room?why did they expect something from me which i may o may not have done o said?
Now just think if you were one of the people in the room. say, you were expecting the person who entered the room to say hi to you.but he/she did not. so you are disappointed right?
when i come to think of it, People are so demanding these days. They expect so much from you. but you only manage to satisfy a few of them and even them, only partially.
but the thing thats not right is how you feel when you have disappointed so many of them. Have you ever felt like falling of a cliff? the few seconds of freedom and the feeling of flying? and also the feeling that you have nothing left the moment u hit the ground? (try it,its fun)
Have you ever predicted a football match score? and not got it right? o maybe guessed your grade in a subject? but not achieved it? o worked very hard but no one appreciated the work. Well, I am pretty much sure you have felt either of these feelings. and its all kind of the same.

So lets summarize what I am trying to say here

Don't expect. Be surprised. Enjoy Life.