Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Freedom you call it?

The power to do anything we want, the way we want, when ever we want- Is this what u call freedom?
Would you wanna be free as a bird? or would u rather be free as a flag?The freedom of a flag is limited.A flag has always got two ends of it tied to a pole.To support it.So that it can always stay up in the air.Resembling something.It cannot fly away even if it wants to.Though its windy o not, its got only a restricted space to move about.
On the other hand, a bird can fly anywhere it desire.And sometimes when the wind is strong, it would alter the path of the bird because sometimes it does not have the strength to move against the wind.And unlike the flag, the birds have to move with its own as it got nothing to support.And a bird has got the chance to be shot down by a hunter too.
So readers would you rather be the totally independent bird? or the side tied flag? Think again!

since 26th is the Independence day of the Republic Of Maldives, I would like to Greet all the Maldivians a very happy independence day.And enjoy your "freedom"