Sunday, October 20, 2013

These seems like hard times!

I never came to writing this a year ago. but Since then, it has not become better. or so it seems. Fighting and struggling. for more than an year. mistakes. mistakes. mistakes. proposal. and break ups. and finally she moved on. but i could not. i thought i would be able to. i always did in the past.easily. but not this time. she was special. whats there to say though. Love is not enough. Sorry is just a word. life is more than loving someone. so she moved on. and today is the day, that i do too..

Sunday, November 21, 2010


First things first! I hate LDR.

but i love you more!

so i wud do anything to be with u!even if it is to try the impossible! and for that reason i am in a long distant relationship right now!

i might be miles away from you love..i might not be able to comfort you the way i did before. i mite not be available 24/7. i mite not be able to give all you need!

but let me tell you.. theres nobody who cares about you more than i do. nobody who loves you more than i do! and nobody who needs you more than i do!

happy 13 month aneversary love!~


Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A book

Starting a new chapter of the book,
to never turn back a page
the story is too intense now
to go back and re-read the past
Do not ask me of what had happened
As I would not tell you
Ask me about the present
'Cause that is where I am
Predicting the future,
hoping for a happy ending
I turn over each page,
not missing a line
not even a single word this time
going to read it all.
going to finish this chapter too

ps:- its to u