Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Masked Face

Composed by:ßLдиҚ Рäĝĕ

Edited By: ...a M H a R ™...
Ever wondered what goes on
behind my masked face
Have been with you for so long
Yet did you even care to ask me

Try to put the pieces together,but thats long gone
Just the thought of those days
No doubt that indeed was my sad song
But what to do i jus let it go,cause u see

No matter what i cannot turn back time
As the wounds healed i learnt to move on
And now when i come to think of it,I don't feel anything
I've become a stranger to myself

You hurt me terribly, yet I stayed with you as the same
I never forgave you, I was just waiting for the day hon
You thought you will be like that,an immortal king
I still remember that day vividly, you were near the bookshelf

When I saw you handcuffed and afraid
Pleading with your life for your freedom
The weights that weighed me down
Were lifted off my shoulder

Cause baby,Its me who won afterall
And only you are to suffer alone,
All alone behind a masked face
It sucks big time,doesnt it?

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

First Of all u can see in da picture my mind is a lil blank with bubbles in it.but guess wat.i wil start postin craxy stuff soooooon..and thanks to swyt frnd.hehe..oh yeah and btw.I neeeeeeeeeeed help as i am kinda new to this bloggin thing.thankss..

give me tips to improve ingey